Thursday, January 27, 2011

will you be my bridesmaid?

Check out the cards I created & sent to my dear friends and family to ask them to be a part of our wedding... every girl had their name printed within that tiny hanger. So cute!

Thanks to Jana, Heather, Chelsea, Stacey, Brie & Ali for graciously accepting! You were all beautiful bridesmaids.

Materials used:

-Crumpled tissue paper of cut florals
-Sinamay leaves
-Black irridescent beads
-needle & thread
-glue gun
-black cardstock
-custom printed inner notes

These cards come in various colors & florals to match your wedding theme. Everything at alk.emy is happily custom made!

you're invited!

Invitations are the spice of my life! To me there's nothing better than a little surprise in the mailbox... starting with the envelopes (see below!) and then moving to the inside goodies. I have had the opportunity to make some really fun invites for myself & others and thought I'd share some of my designs with you. Much more to come!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

our wedding florals

I was an ambitious bride last June who tackled the daunting task of doing my own wedding florals. While it wasn't my first time "doing flowers" it did happen to be my wedding weekend which made for an interesting few days, but wow was it worth it! I had the ultimate creative freedom I love and thought I rocked a style that was laid back, spunky and still elegant at the same time. The Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla is an amazing venue and one that begs to be enhanced by the subtlety of the right floral design. I played on the Museum's existing landscape of natural succulent gardens and added a pop of color with the yellow crespedia balls & a bit of softness with white dahlias, fragrant hyacinth & billowing millet.

Here are a few images by my photographers, (then "theorie") but now known as Betwixt Studio!

::ceremony magazine:: floral design spread!

I need to pick up the latest copy of Ceremony... where am I supposed to find this?! While I'm on the hunt, here are some designs I created for Modern Bouquet a few months back that are featured in this months San Diego Ceremony Magazine.

Succulents, dinner plate dahlias, spray roses... I love this ever so soft & beautiful rustic design.