Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the alk.emy design studio

"we are a boutique design studio based in sunny san diego specializing in custom stationery: graphic design meets with fine art to create every eco-friendly paper good & stationery need from invitations and beyond. we can provide you with the finest in event design and styling from photoshoots to weddings and everything in between, including your florals to tie it all together perfectly. we would love to meet with you and collaborate on a unique design!"

- the alk.emy website blurb

Monday, October 25, 2010

life & a font.

I love this quote I found online... it's by J.K. Rowling. Almost as much as I love this quote is how much I love me some of that FONT! If you like this style, I'll have more to come on my website because I'm pondering the idea of also offering the handwritten stuff to go along with the invites and paper-products. I've hand written so many addressed invitations and paper goodies for friends and family, might as well add it to my reportoire. Plus, it's so much more personal to incorporate a hand drawn element into something... gives it a little l i f e.

Monday, October 18, 2010

here. we. go.

It's official... officially scary! The alkemy design studio website and blog is slowly coming to life and the alk.emy name I've always wanted to use will finally make it's debut! I've continued to be inspired by all things quirky, beautiful, organic, modern and fun about weddings & events after all these years and know this is the right and next step to take. It's going to be quite a journey... won't you join me?